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WHAT WE DO. We are on a mission to empower rural community artisans in what they do best, artisan excellence. We invest in a partnership with each artisan, one that looks different for each of them, to best meet their lifestyle and personal needs.

THE OPPORTUNITY. Artisan craft is the second largest employer in the world, and most critical for women in developing countries. Remote, secluded villages are more affected by global issues, and many times lack the resources to fulfill basic needs such as education, healthcare, and utilities for a sustainable living. We want to ensure our artisans have a no-stress approach with materials or other contributing expenses. Everyone excels when the artisan is not financially burdened. 

OUR APPROACH. To empower artisans in need, we only partner with independent artisans or small groups; we believe large, endorsed groups have the leverage to excel and do not need additional support. We are focused on ensuring sustainability, both financially and creatively, to promote continuous growth and freedom in one’s artisan work.

We offer financial alternatives to each artisan: providing support for upfront material costs, advance payment for products and zero-interest loans with a funding account we have established. This is a win, win partnership and allows the artisan to focus on their craft.


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