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About Us

At coHune, we market handmade artisan products made in rural communities. We support those artisans, align with fair trade principals, and share compassion for those communities we work with.

coHune was formed in the Toledo District, Southern Belize. We choose Southern Belize as coHune's roots for many reasons, but most importantly because it is a melting pot of cultures – Mopan and Kek’chi Mayan, East Indian, Garifuna, Creole, Mennonite, and Chinese - offering a variety of artisan talent.

Our company's name, coHune, is derived from the Cohune Palm (sp. Attalea cohune). The cohune palm is a resourceful, versatile and resilient tree which we see in our artisans and their handmade crafts. 


“Culture is our foundation; it’s engrained in our soul. Once you see a person creating a unique, distinctive piece, it talks to you. You learn about the people, their families, their special moments, and then you become part of that story. The artisan skills, from multiple generations before, create a cultural connection that only you will understand once you hold that special piece in your hands.”
Our Founder, Alli

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