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Stunning fire-roasted clay replicas of the maya figurines & whistles uncovered from the Lubaantun "Fallen Stones" archeological site in Southern Belize. Each figurine & whistle in our collection holds a symbolic meaning and the headdress is distinctive to the noble. The maya whistles among other instruments are used to accompany many ceremonial activities, and it is said music is a measure of cultural complexity.

Large whistles are approximately 3" in height giving the whistle a medium pitch. Small whistles are approximately 1.5" in height giving the whistle a high pitch. All whistles include two to four holes (depending on size) to allow for multiple musical notes. Each replica figurine & whistle is embossed with the artisans initials.


It is believed that the rabbit is symbolic of intelligence and writing knowledge; the deer represents the Sun God, a symbol of divine power, and are sovereign and all-seeing; the jaguar is a powerful symbol, King of the Jungle, representing control, confidence, and leadership; the fish, said to represent the Thunder God (Chaac) is known as a symbol of fertility; The bird is representative of the most significant gods of the Maya, a Chief.  The ballplayer represents the Maya Hero Twins and is symbolic for the sacred maya ballgame, Pok ta Pok. The maya head depicts the the strength of the mayan civilization.


Our symbolic maya clay collection includes 7 figurines & whistles.

Symbolic Maya Clay Figurine & Whistle

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