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Handmade jippi jappa hair accessory is designed in 6 color options. Perfect for adding some color and natural look to pulled back hair. Jippi jappa hair component is approx. 4" - 5" long, wooden hair pin is approx. 6" - 7" in length.

Designs include:

a. Light jippi jappa/light blue threading
b. Light jippi jappa/burgundy and navy threading
c. Light jippi jappa/green and navy threading
d. Dark jippi jappa/green and black threading
e. Dark jippi jappa/orange and black threading
f. Dark jippi jappa/burgundy and navy threading

Handcrafted in Santa Cruz Village, Southern Belize.


Jippi Jappa is a local name for the plant species Carludovica Palmata. While similar to a palm tree, this plant carries a strong fiber structure for various artisan crafts. 

Jippi Jappa Hair Accessory

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